A debate on the financial capitals throughout the globe

This article will examine three different financial hubs in significantly several parts of the world.

Unsurprisingly, the USA tops the rankings for highest GDP, even so much of this is dependent on a selection of cities creating and regulating much of the finances within the nation. The biggest financial cities in the US are on the East coast, which is partly attributable to the easy fact they have existed for longer than those in the West. Whilst California is the frontrunner in terms of engineering development, the East coast city of New York is the banking capital of the US. The investor in Bank of America is well founded in the city, after owning part of the business that has headquarters in New York. There is such a vast range of finance in the city because it has the well-known stock exchange market there, well known as Wall Street.

Asian markets have been growing at an spectacular speed over the last couple of decades and that is down to many different elements. There has been massive investment on the continent, both from outside sources but also businessmen and women identifying that there is an amazing range of prospects. Possibly the most important economic hub in Asia is in Hong Kong. Even though the region is relatively small and lacks natural resources, it does not stop it being remarkably lucrative and successful. The city is a financial hub, and that is due to the investment from organisations such as the activist investor in the Bank of East Asia. The city has so much investment and wealth that it has the most skyscrapers from any city in the world, and for a region that is moderately small it makes the fact even more surprising. The city has its own legal tender, which is actually the 13th most traded currency yet it only has a population of around 8 million, so this fact proves how considerable a place Hong Kong is in financial terms. The area was not always influential; however it became fundamental to trade due to its tactical geographical place.

Unlike so many nations, Germany’s financial capital is not located in its largest city. Berlin is the capital and the largest city in the country, however most of the German banks and finance firms are located in the city of Frankfurt. Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, so of course the banking and finance industry in the nation will also be extensive. The great investors in Deutsche Bank have a good foothold in the city, as the bank is the largest in the country, and so one of the greatest Europe. Even though Frankfurt is well known mainly as the financial hub of the nation there is still so many other interesting things too, such as watch the successful football team situated in the city.

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